Create a Custom Jaunt Pack

Interested in creating a custom Jaunt pack for your event, artist group, or business? Lets collab!

Example Collab 1:

Electric Forest Festival

We partnered with Electric Forest to design the artwork and create the official Jaunt pack for the 2016 Electric Forest Festival.
Electric Forest Jaunt Pack Front
The 2016 EF Jaunt pack was a tremendous success, selling out in the first 4 hours of the 4-day event.
Electric Forest Jaunt Pack DesignElectric Forest Jaunt Pack InteriorElectric Forest Jaunt Pack Phone Pocket

We also produced the below stop motion video for promotion of the collab prior to the event (See example Instagram post & Facebook post).

Example Collab 2:

Pretty Lights

We created the following Jaunt packs for the artist, Pretty Lights, for part of their summer 2016 tour.

Pretty Lights Jaunt Fanny PackPretty Lights Jaunt Fanny Pack

Example Collab 3:

Holy Ship! Festival

We partnered with Holy Ship! to create the official Jaunt pack for the 2017 Holy Ship! Festival.

The collaboration pack sold out at the festival.

Holy Ship! Jaunt Fanny Pack
Collab Jaunt Fanny Pack Email