JauntShots are moments shared with Jaunt packs. As footage from you is sent in, we put together reels of our favorites.

To submit a JauntShot to be included in one of our reels, email to footage@jauntshop.com. Some helpful tips for recording your JauntShot:

Tip # 1 -- Everything we do, we do in slow motion

Most of the clips on our highlight reels were shot in the slow-mo mode on smartphones -- if you shoot in slow-mo, the quality of the video remains high when we speed it up or slow it down in the editing process.

Tip # 2 -- Pack to the Future

The video should begin and end with the frame on your Jaunt pack. Hold on the pack for at least a second on both ends -- this project is about the beautiful moments we experience, but the common thread is the pack, and the transitions between packs is what make JauntShots coherent and unique.

Tip # 3 -- FOCUS!

On most smartphones, you are able to tap the screen to focus on certain parts of the shot. Tap to focus on the pack on both ends, and then on each part of the frame that highlights the awesomeness of the moment.

Tip # 4 -- Stick the land(scape)ing

If using a smartphone, record your JauntShots in landscape mode so your clip can be included seamlessly in our reels.