Growing up, my family would make a beach trip every summer for the fourth of July -- it was my favorite time of the year. I remember waking up on most days, putting on a bathing suit and some sunscreen, grabbing a $20 bill, and just heading to the beach for the day.

Looking back, I realized the reason why I didn’t bring much stuff. I wanted to bring only what I felt the day required. I wanted to be free from responsibility. I wanted to be free to enjoy wherever the day lead me. Carrying less stuff helped me be less distracted and more equipped to lock in to the day.

We all have our own responsibilities and taking care of them is part of a fulfilling life. But we’re not here to be just bound by our responsibilities. Sometimes it's key to take space to enjoy an adventure, to explore yourself, & to get lost in awe and wonder. I started Jaunt in 2013 with the hopes of inspiring more of these moments.

The Jaunt pack was meticulously designed with a lot of pockets (each with a purpose!) because while I wanted the pack to be small and light, it needed to comfortably fit the daily essentials. The size of the Jaunt pack encourages you to carry light & quality YKK zips make sure your stuff's secure. The goal of the Jaunt pack... help you focus less on your stuff.

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