Growing up, my family took a beach trip every summer for the fourth of July -- it was always my favorite time of the year. On most days, I’d wake up, put on a bathing suit and some sunscreen, grab a $20 bill, and just head to the beach.

Looking back, I realized why I didn’t want to bring much stuff with me. I wanted to be light on my feet. I wanted to be free from responsibility. Your stuff can be a distraction and carrying less stuff can help you be less burdened and therefore more equipped to lock in to the moment. This truth is what fueled my desire to create a better fanny pack.

Bethany Beach, Delaware -- where my family still spends every fourth of July.

It first began with casually wondering why fanny packs had such a largely negative stigma. Their practicality is undisputed. I get the bravado aspect of it but should that outweigh the pack’s supreme functionality? I didn’t think so. I just had to get one.

I went searching and searching.  I had overanalyzed the issue. The packs available were doing an injustice to the brilliant concept of the fanny pack. Most were way too big — big enough to fit things that belong in a backpack. The small ones were too small and didn’t have room to store the essentials. They had dangling straps. They had pockets bulging from the front. The prints were gimmicky. It was no wonder the fanny pack had such a goofy stigma.

big ol' fanny packs

I kept noticing packs everywhere I went. I began collecting the *best* ones I could find and studied them. It became an obsession. I just knew it could be improved.

So in 2012, I set out to make a better fanny pack. I wanted to design it from scratch. The pack needed to be small and light, but it needed to comfortably fit the daily essentials. The goal of the pack... help you focus less on your stuff and hopefully more on the world in front of you.

Since creating the first Jaunt pack, I've met thousands of customers in selling across North America at various festivals, markets, and events (40+ in the last 4 years). I see functionality overtaking the macho man pushback to the pack and also notice a common feeling a lot of us currently share is craving more time away from our screens and life's day to day monotony.  

We all have our own responsibilities and taking care of them is part of a fulfilling life. But we’re not here to just always be bound by them. Sometimes it's critical to our happiness to take space to enjoy an adventure, to explore ourselves, & to get lost in awe and wonder. It's my sincere hope that the Jaunt pack helps you secure and worry less about your stuff and encourages more exploration & enjoyment of these types of moments. 


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